David Silverman

Monday, August 25, 2003

David Silverman

David is an entrepreneurial software executive with more than 9 years of experience within the field of Enterprise Software. He has been in charge of sales, marketing, business development and alliances. His specialty is building revenue generating technology partner programs.

After working in the financial services industry following his graduation from UCLA, David pursued an opportunity to sell software in Russia to banks and other financial services companies. After living in Moscow for 2 years and traveling all over the former Soviet Union setting up Spot Market Forex day trading centers, David returned to the San Francisco Bay Area and hooked up with an East German eCommerce and content management software start-up called NetConsult Communications (later to be renamed Intershop). David was instrumental in building the company’s presence in North America and over a period of almost 5 years built their entire technology partner program which influenced almost $40 million in revenue on sales of $130 million dollars in fy 2000. David ended up managing a diverse and distributed team of 12 individuals in San Francisco, London and a few cities in Germany. Intershop was able to go public in Europe and on the Nasdaq. At one point the company was worth approx $10 billion dollars.

Following Intershop, David went to work for Atomica Corporation, now called Gurunet. Atomica was an Israeli company that located Sales and Marketing in the San Francisco Bay Area and was focused on selling a unique business intelligence tool based on a topical approach to information and metadata management and retrieval. David ran their business development and alliances programs and was responsible for driving partner influenced revenue through bundles, OEM’s, resellers, systems integrators and ISV’s. David closed the company’s first enterprise sales deal with IBM, negotiated a bundle agreement with IBM’s leading knowledge management application, recruited and trained integrator partners in both the commercial and federal sectors and established technology relationships with Oracle, BEA, Google, Semio, Stratify and others.

In 2003 David consulted with a hot new Social Software start-up in Silicon Valley called Socialtext and helped them build out their sales team. They are an extremely interesting firm and have taken a leadership position in the market introducing Social Software tools like blogs and wikis to enterprise customers. Socialtext's CEO, Ross Mayfield, is one of the most read bloggers on the web today Ross Blog and comments on a wide variety of political and technological topics. In parallel to working with SocialText, David began helping an Israeli start-up called Report Control and another stealth company find some pilot customers and begin raising venture capital, respectively.

Currently David is working full time at BlueRoads , a leader in Channel Management applications, where David is Director of Sales.

David is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in Business and Psychology. David studied under SoftwareProductMarketing President, Cynthia Typaldos at UC Berkeley Extension. The class was on Web Communities and Portals. David is a member of the Software Development Forum and he used to co-host the eBusiness SIG in San Franicsco. He is a former advisory board member of ArcadiaOne (acquired by HAHT Software), Bizfinity.com and Caliber Design. David is also a member of the Jewish High Tech Community in Silicon Valley, Commercenet and the International Business Forum. He has worked and traveled internationally on an extensive basis and hopes to visit all 313 countries of the world before he is 50.


Phone: 650 218 5436
Email: silverman_david@yahoo.com